My Restaurant

Increase restaurant efficiency by using My Restaurant.

Prevent Food Illness

Nothing ruins a restaurant’s reputation like a case of food contamination.  Use My Restaurant to monitor compliance with Food Safety Rules.

Protect Customers

Use My Restaurant to create a safe dining experience for your customers.


Improve Profitability

My Restaurant helps to assure that customers leave your restaurant with a great dining experience.

Train Employees for Food Safety

My Restaurant gives you a powerful tool for training new employees and retraining  employees on safe operations.

Minimize Your Worries

Using My Restaurant you can remotely monitor the operation of one or more of your restaurants from your home or office.

Address Concerns Quickly

My Restaurant's reporting tools allow you to identify locations not complying with required checklist submission.


My Restaurant revolutionizes your business operations.

Monitor Compliance

Conduct your own daily food inspection to comply with Food Safety Rules and work towards regularly receiving a perfect score from the inspector.

Customized Checklists

Design your restaurant’s checklists on your device with minimal effort.  NO LIMIT on the number of checklists on a device.

Completed Checklists & Forms

Completed checklists can be emailed to supervisors using your email provider, sent to the cloud for storage and reporting and can only be viewed by authorized personnel.

Other Types of Forms

My Checklist allows the administrator to create other types of forms, i.e. forms capturing the temperature of equipment, condition of the parking lot.  Pictures can be added to each reporting item.

Train Employees

Train new employees on Food Safety Rules.  Retrain current employees on Food Safety Rules.

Mobile App for Phone & Tablet

Download the app from the Google Play store and install on your device.  Immediately begin using the app once your registration is complete.

Customer Reviews

From behind the scenes at local Restaurants.

“As an owner of 7 stores, I cannot be at each store every day.  I depend on the getting the completed checklists from my restaurants and reviewing the data on the checklists.”

Richard Freddy's Owner

“As a customer of my favorite restaurant I am glad to see that employees are completing checklists to monitor the safety of the food I eat and the cleanliness of the restaurant.”

Ann Customer

“In my role as General Manager I have the responsibility of all the stores in my geographic location.  I want to know that all the restaurants submitted their completed checklists in a timely manner.  I use the Management by Exception report to identify restaurants that fail to submit their checklists.”

SallyGeneral Manager

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About Us

Some background information on us.

Antares is a 50-year old International San Antonio-based firm with a history of providing solution computer systems and services for a wide array of government and private sector organizations. We are Problem Solvers who use state of the art software.  Our legacy includes working with Fortune 500 companies.  We have developed My Restaurant, proprietary software designed specifically to improve restaurant operations and profitability.  My Restaurant software has been successfully tested by leading restaurant franchises.